Scale of artwork

The seven maps of In Medias Res, when displayed according to the geography they depict, link together to make up a large-scale map of Dublin city and its environs, from the Phoenix Park in the West to Howth in the North East and from Glasnevin in the North to Bray in the South East, teeming with detail and incident and spanning about 7 metres, making this a work of considerable scale.

However, the artist composed each individual print so that it would also function as a completely self contained, independent image in its own right - making this major work of contemporary art particularly adaptable to the conditions it might be shown in: where a large space is available all seven images can be displayed together, where the space is smaller they can be shown singly or in combinations, or they can be displayed in sequence, as a continuously changing exhibition.

1 Phoenix Park (h68 x w76 cms)

2 The Quays (h78.5 x w117 cms)

3 O'Connell Street (h120 x w85 cms)

4 Loop Bridge (h108 x w66 cms)

5 Eccles Street (h84.5 x w111 cms)

6 Coastline (h69 x w117 cms)

7 Howth (h58 x w62 cms)