In Medias Res

In Medias Res is a suite of seven intaglio drypoint prints which together form a map of a large part of Dublin and its environs which include the areas of the city that feature prominently in Ulysses.

A Special Edition

Tabula Press Ireland has published for sale a special limited edition which comprises ten sets of In Medias Res.


For millions of people, the 16th June is an extraordinary day. On that day in 1904, Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom each took their epic journeys through Dublin in James Joyce’s Ulysses, one of the world’s most highly acclaimed modern novels. Bloomsday, as it is now known, has become a tradition for Joyce enthusiasts all over the world. To celebrate the centenary of Bloomsday, the Irish artist David Lilburn was commissioned by The National Library of Ireland to create an artwork as part of the exhibition, ‘James Joyce and ULYSSES at The National Library of Ireland’, which opened in June 2004. The resulting work is entitled In Medias Res.